Love the idea of a simple and known payment? We have a package that will suit your needs.

We know what’s needed to manage your books and a simple, consistent monthly fee not only saves you money and uncertainty, but ensures we are always on top of your books. Our monthly packages include reconciliations, payroll processing, monthly reports, BAS preparation and liaising with your tax accountant.

We ensure our clients always get the most out of their bookkeeping investment.

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Our Bookkeeping Packages

These packages are a guide and can be customised to suit your businesses needs.

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Bookkeeping Services

We offer comprehensive, full-circle bookkeeping services as part of our bookkeeping packages. For a cost effective and fully tax-deductible monthly payment with no lock-in contracts, they allow our clients to benefit from flexible and truly professional bookkeeping services without the high cost of a full-time person.

Even better, we tailor our packages to suit your needs – never offering a one-size fits all. You’ll also enjoy financial insights from our highly trained and certified accountant – without the cost!

Starting at $ 399

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Rescue Services

We know how easy it is to fall behind on your books and indeed, your taxation and compliance obligations. We are experienced in being able to determine where a client is at with their books and then plan a course of action to bring them up to date.

We will get your books back up to date, ensure that your BAS obligations are met and you are keeping compliant with the ATO, and help you understand your financial position at all times so that you can make informed and effective business decisions

So don’t despair, we can help!

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Review & BAS Services

If you are maintaining your own set of accounts and just want PEACE OF MIND that the coding and GST has been picked up accurately before you lodge your BAS then we can offer a Review Service. We will review your books on an agreed basis so that you can be confident in preparing your BAS.

Alternatively we also offer a Review and Lodgement service where we will review your accounts and then prepare and lodge the BAS on your behalf.

Starting at $199

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